Gathering consists of the following professions: Fishing, Harvesting, Logging, Mining and Tracking & Skinning.

The gathering skills makes use of tools to gather raw resources from the land and water. You will need the right tool for the right job. For example if you want to fish you will need a fishing pole. If you want to log trees you will need a logging axe.


The sickle is used for the Harvesting skill where you gather plants from the land.

Skinning Knife

The skinning knife is used for the Tracking & Skinning skill where you harvest the fur from dead animals. As you level up the skill you are able to also track these beasts on your compass.

Logging Axe

The logging axe is used for the Logging skill where you cut down trees for wood.


The pickaxe is used for the Mining skill where you gathering stone and minerals from the land.

Fishing Pole

The fishing pole is used for the Fishing skill where you catch fish from salt and fresh water locations.